As young Croatians head west, employers are looking to foreign and retired workers to tackle labour shortages

(Alamy Stock Photo/ Martin Moxter)

By Jelena Prtorić

Wine is a family business for Toni Katunar. His family has been producing wine for decades, and their 20,000 vines are located on the paradise isle of Krk, Croatia’s biggest island. Situated in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea, Krk is a well-known tourist destination, praised for its beautiful landscape, turquoise sea and excellent gastronomy.

There is just one problem: the Katunars are struggling to find workers. “We only employ 10 people on the agricultural side of the business, but it has been hard to find even 10 people in the past years,” explains Katunar in a phone interview with Equal Times. This year, for the first time they have employed four foreign workers, from Albania.





New results of MIPEX

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