Migration Data Portal is launched

Germany’s Federal  Foreign Office and IOM, the UN Migration Agency’s Global Migration Data Analysis, launches the Migration Data Portal.

The Portal is consisted of 5 main sections:

Data, Themes, Tools, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Blog. In Themes Sections MIPEX is mentioned as a data source that also measures migration governance but focuses on integration policies instead of migration policies.

The portal covers a wide range of topics including data on immigration and emigration trends; the linkages between migration and development; data on irregular migration; students and children; and data on migration policies as defined by the United Nations development goals and background on a global compact on migration expected to be adopted by the UN in 2018.

At its initial stage, the portal features 70 indicators from 15 international data providers (UNDESA, UNHCR and World Bank among others) and aggregates data at the national, regional and global levels. This range offers ample opportunities to explore and compare data while, understanding the context behind it.

The Portal aims to serve as a unique access point to timely, comprehensive migration statistics and reliable information about migration data globally.

The site is designed to help policy makers, statisticians, journalists and the general public interested in the field of migration to navigate the increasingly complex landscape of international migration data, currently scattered across different organizations and agencies.



New results of MIPEX

We are pleased to announce that the new results of MIPEX (2014-2020) will be published by the end of 2020. MIPEX 2020 will include 52 European and non-European countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, EU28, India, Japan, Mexico, US and much more. Stay tuned!