Novinite: Bulgaria 26th Out of 31 in Migrant Integration

Bulgaria is ranked 26 out of 31 states, which include the EU and North America, in the Migrant Integration Policy Index, produced by the British Council and the Migration Policy Group.
The ranking is topped by Sweden, followed by Portugal and Canada. Slovakia, Cyprus and Latvia take the last 3 places...

Since acceding to the EU in 2007, Bulgaria has remained largely a country of emigration, though immigration increased with EU membership and economic trends. Recently, Bulgaria saw more international students, slightly more asylum seekers, but few non-EU migrant workers, despite government initiatives.
Newcomers to Bulgaria will find that policies are just half-way favorable for their integration. Bulgaria's policies that best promote integration are in areas of European law. All residents can use some of the strongest anti-discrimination law in both Central Europe (along with Romania) and Europe in general...Read more