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A Shore Never Reached – Bulgarian Integration Policies since MIPEX III

By Zvezda Vankova, researcher at the Open Society Institute Sofia, MIPEX national partner for Bulgaria**

Two years after Bulgaria has been assessed with the MIPEX for the first time, positive developments are registered only in two areas regulated by the acquis communautaire – family reunification and long- term residence. The legislative changes harmonizing Bulgarian legislation with the respective EU directives do not influence the overall MIPEX score of the country and have very limited impact on the integration policies for migrants in Bulgaria.

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Equal treatment in unequal societies? The case of Bulgaria & Romania

Written by Thomas Huddleston, MIPEX Research Coordinator, Co-author and Policy Analyst, Migration Policy Group

Today and tomorrow, I present MIPEX for the first time in Bulgaria and Romania, two ‘new’ EU Member States since the last MIPEX in 2007. Many attending NGOs shared their experience of how difficult they find it to implement the integration policies measured in MIPEX in their general legal frameworks and societies. Continue reading