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Will SYRIZA’s electoral gains boost Greece’s MIPEX score?

Portrait of a Family Spaceshoe Flickr Creative CommonsBy Marina Nikolova, Junior Research Fellow at Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) with the support of Thomas Huddleston, Programme Director, MPG

The legal reforms promised by SYRIZA could substantially improve the conditions for integration in Greece, as measured by its MIPEX score, and put Greece alongside Portugal, Spain and Italy as relatively welcoming new countries of immigration. Greece’s MIPEX score could increase by over 15 points if these promises are well-implemented to address the major areas of weakness in Greece’s integration policies.
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The first European country to take away the right to vote from immigrants?

BallotBox_Crossed_FutUndBeidl_FickrWritten by Zvezda Vankova, Policy Analyst, Migration Policy Group

A new immigration bill was submitted to the Greek parliament for debate on 14th February. The bill that will be voted in the upcoming weeks, aims to simplify the residence permit application process and facilitate labour market access for migrants. The same document, however, abolishes the right to vote for immigrants.  According to the Interior Minister Yiannis Michelakis, the proposed provisions are enforcing a recent decision by the Council of State. It stipulates that the 2010 citizenship law granting greater voting rights to immigrants is unconstitutional. MIPEX argues that the new restrictive criteria will undermine the conditions for integration in Greece, undoing most of its major advancements on integration since 2007.

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Restrict citizenship in Southern Europe to fight irregular migration? More rhetoric than reality

Written by Thomas Huddleston, MIPEX Research Coordinator, Co-author and Policy Analyst, Migration Policy Group

The new Greek government wants to undermine its landmark 2010 Nationality Reform by aligning the law with other southern European countries facing irregular migration. However, Greece’s current naturalisation and birthright citizenship policies already reflect the average practice in most Western countries of immigration and the reform trends in Southern Europe. Moreover, Europe’s nationality laws are not major pull factors for irregular migration. Citizenship restrictions ‘in the name of irregular migration’ are often based on ancedotes about ‘birth tourism’ and rhetoric from the far-right.

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How MIPEX was used to reform Greek citizenship laws

MIPEX Greek partner – Miltos Pavlou of i-RED – explains how he used MIPEX to pass Greek citizenship reform.

  • How can civil society and academics use research to change policies?
  • How did international examples help Greece move from unfavourable citizenship policies to the EU Average?
  • How can you use MIPEX to ‘fact-check’ the public debate?
  • What lessons can be learned by other new immigration countries like Italy?

Watch this 3 minute video to find out: