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The German reform on dual nationality – an incomplete reform?

Written by Zvezda Vankova, Policy Analyst, Migration Policy Group

The German government coalition reached an agreement on dual nationality reform. However, a thorough look at this reform reveals that it does not address the issue in a coherent fashion. Dual nationality will still remain an obstacle to the naturalisation of immigrants who meet all of the other demanding legal requirements to become German citizens.

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German anti-discrimination chief wants more effective laws and powers

Written by Thomas Huddleston, MIPEX Research Coordinator, Co-author and Policy Analyst, Migration Policy Group


MIPEX III warned that Germany’s current laws were below the EU-average and potentially ineffective because victims do not get the support they need from equality NGOs and one of Europe’s weakest equality bodies. The head of Germany’s Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency is now calling for greater sanctions and powers. The rights and sanctions that she recommends are common across the EU. If these changes were implemented, the laws in Germany would finally compare to its EU neighbours and significantly improve the fight against discrimination. Continue reading