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Veni, Vidi, Naturalizzati?

Written by Thomas Huddleston, MIPEX Research Coordinator, Co-author and Policy Analyst, Migration Policy Group

Following European trends, Sarubbi-Granata Bill would moderately reform citizenship for immigrants and especially their children

This Thursday, I am attending the MIPEX event in Rome, organised by the British Council and Fondazione ISMU. I will put Italian policies into their European context for our discussion on “Italian Citizenship: an out-of-date legislation?” The MIPEX III results reflect Italy’s 1992 Nationality Law as well as the 2009 Security Act, which shaved 2-points off the country’s MIPEX citizenship score. I used our “improve your score” tool to make an unofficial impact assessment of the proposed 2009 ‘Sarubbi-Granata’ Bill.
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